Everything you need to know about a porcelain crown

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According to surveys commissioned by the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV), every second German uses dentures. This also includes porcelain crowns, which dentists use mainly for a badly damaged tooth.

Depending on the material, this treatment can cost up to 1,000 euros per tooth. Statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs for this. An alternative to having high-quality dental crowns such as porcelain dental crowns and saving some money is dental care in Turkey.

What is a dental crown and when is it needed?

A regular dental crown, also called a dental or tooth restoration crown, is placed over the damaged or weakened tooth. It completely encloses the visible part of the tooth and forms a permanent veneer for the teeth. They restore the tooth function and, thanks to their natural shape, size and color, meet high aesthetic demands.

Dental crowns are individually adapted to the patient and are used in different situations. One of the most common application scenarios is decayed teeth. If more than 3/4 of the tooth substance has been destroyed by caries and the tooth is no longer stable enough to carry a filling, a crown protects the remaining part of the natural tooth.

Broken or badly chipped teeth in the mouth can also be covered with a crown. Dentists also use them to protect a weakened tooth from further damage after root canal treatment. Sometimes, ceramic crowns also improve the aesthetic appearance of dentition when teeth are severely discolored, irregularly shaped, or misaligned.

What is a porcelain crown and what makes it different from other dental crowns?

Different types of dental crowns are made of different materials such as porcelain, metal alloys or a combination of both materials.

While in the past durable metals such as gold or silver were used as dentures, more and more porcelain crowns made of all-ceramic or metal-based with an outer porcelain layer are used today.

Porcelain crowns are popular because they perfectly imitate natural teeth and are therefore aesthetically pleasing. Unlike other materials, ceramics closely resemble the color of teeth and can be used for large filling. But the shape and translucency also contribute to the fact that ceramic crowns in particular fit perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

They are also very durable, resistant and, thanks to their biocompatibility, do not trigger any allergic reactions on teeth and gums. Compared to other types of crowns, for example zirconia crowns, ceramic crowns remove a minimal amount of tooth enamel and preserve more healthy tooth structure.

The few disadvantages of porcelain crowns include the need for precise fitting and the risk of minor chipping or fractures over time. However, the advantages of aesthetic dental crowns made of porcelain outweigh them. Especially in the visible front tooth area, many patients do not want to do without a visually appealing result.

Cheaper alternative: have dental crowns made in Turkey

Anyone who is afraid of the high treatment costs for porcelain crowns in Germany should consider dental treatment in Turkey. In the country, a veritable medical tourism has developed in many areas. As a result, most clinics employ renowned doctors with many years of experience and a high level of expertise, so that the result is in no way inferior to that in Germany.

The fact that the prices for dental crowns in Turkey are significantly lower than in other European countries is primarily due to the many times lower expenses. Accordingly, Turkish clinics and doctors spend less on overheads such as rent, taxes, services and dental laboratory services. The result is savings of up to 70 percent without sacrificing high-quality care.

Cosmedica Dental Clinic: Your specialist for dental treatments in Istanbul

Cosmedica Dental stands for high-quality dental care that is affordable at the same time. For 15 years we have been providing patients in Istanbul with dental treatments for their damaged or missing tooth such as:

  • Veneers,
  • Lumineers,
  • Dental Implants,
  • Dental Crowns,
  • Teeth Whitening and
  • Invisaligns.

The dentists, who have undergone intensive training in modern dentistry and complex restorative procedures, have access to the latest technology and premises.

How much does a dental crown cost at Cosmedica Dental?

We pass on the lower expenses that we have as a clinic in Turkey directly to our customers. The average cost in Istanbul is between 350 and 700 euros. The concrete prices for the production of a dental crown in the Cosmedica Dental Clinic depend on the extent of the necessary measures.

As a renowned dental clinic in Turkey, we offer dental crowns at reasonable all-inclusive prices, which include both the treatment itself and pre- and post-procedure care and support, as well as transfers and accommodation for our patients. Let our competent team advise you individually in order to receive a personal offer.

How does the treatment at the Cosmedica Dental Clinic work?

The dental crown procedure takes place in several steps, for which two visits are usually necessary.

  1. During the first session, the tooth is ground and prepared for the future crown under local anesthesia. A conventional tooth impression is then made with adhesive material or digitally, which is used for the individual production of the tooth crown in the laboratory. In order to avoid infections and damage, a temporary restoration is placed on the prepared tooth.
  2. At the second appointment after one to two weeks, the temporary crown is removed and the final tooth crown is placed. If everything fits, it is fixed with cement.

Save on high-quality dental care with dental crowns without sacrificing quality

Treatment in Turkey is worthwhile for a radiant smile and healthy teeth. Proven ceramic crowns can be used there at significantly lower prices with the same quality on damaged teeth or to improve the optical appearance.