Dental Cost in Turkey - Everything You Need To Know

Want to know the cost of getting your teeth fixed in Turkey? One thing you should know is that it is much more affordable than getting them done in the UK, USA or EU countries.

The buzz about getting dental treatments in Turkey is for two reasons— quality and affordability. This is why Turkey has been a go-to destination for premier dental tourism.

Turkey is home to world-class general and cosmetic dentists who create award-winning, healthy, and beautiful smiles at a cost that is around 70% cheaper than that of most dental clinics. Because of this, we have witnessed thousands of international patients travel to Turkey to achieve smile perfection.

So how much do teeth in Turkey cost? Keep reading to find out about the wide range of dental services that Turkey offers and know how much each would cost you.

What are the dental treatments available in Turkey?

As a dental tourism haven, Turkey has made available a comprehensive range of dental treatments. This can help international patients achieve holistic oral care, with affordable dental procedures done in just one area. One of the reputable dental clinics in Turkey that you can go to is Cosmedicadental. Our dentists have vast expertise in many dental treatments.
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Teeth Turkey Cost

There is no such thing as “one-price-fits-all” for getting your teeth done in Turkey. The cost depends on several factors such as the dental treatments you choose, the type of material for your tooth restoration, and the clinic and dentist you will go to, among many others. Here are the expected costs for common dental procedures done in Turkey. These are cost estimates and do not include extra fees such as travel and stay.

Why are dental treatments so cheap in Turkey?

Low overhead costs. This is the reason why dental clinics can afford to offer cheap dental services. Dental, laboratory, and even renting fees are usually transferred to the patient. But since these costs are low in Turkey, patients do not need to spend as much.

So is it worth going to Turkey for dental treatments?

Absolutely! You will find that getting your teeth done in Turkey delivers the same experience and results as with international dental clinics. And on top of that, it costs way less. But of course, you have to exert extra effort in researching the best dental centre in Turkey to accommodate you. And at Cosmedicadental, you are guaranteed to be in the most reliable hands and skills when it comes to taking care of your teeth and smile.

How does getting dental treatment done in Turkey work?

Before you fly in for your dental procedure, it is best to coordinate first with a dental clinic in Turkey. Most clinics offer online consultations so they can contact international patients and have an initial smile assessment done. At this time, they will also create a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan. Some clinics also offer a free quote for the dental treatments you want to have done so you can get an idea of how much you will spend before you fly in. There are also all-in-one-packages that include:

Low-Cost Dental Treatments at Cosmedicadental Clinic in Turkey

To learn more about the wide range of high quality dental treatments we offer at Cosmedica Dental, please contact us. We have a friendly dental team composed of expert dentists and accommodating staff as well as tourism specialists who will make the entire experience and process enjoyable and worthwhile. Make your dream smile a reality with Cosmedica Dental!