Cosmetic Teeth Contouring: All you need to know

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If you have minor cosmetic smile concerns such as a chipped teeth, crooked teeth, uneven, or a misaligned tooth, cosmetic teeth contouring may be the quick fix you are looking for!

Teeth contouring helps to improve the appearance of the smile by making minimal modifications to the size, shape, and contour of the tooth. This cosmetic procedure creates permanent results that you can enjoy at a budget-friendly cost.

However, this procedure is not for everyone. At Cosmedicadental, we will do a thorough smile assessment and align the possible dental care treatment outcome with your goals before determining whether this is the right option.

Here’s a complete guide on cosmetic teeth contouring. Read along to know if you are a candidate for tooth reshaping procedure and to get aftercare information that you should take note of.

What is teeth contouring?

Contouring, also called dental contouring, teeth reshaping, odontoplasty, or enameloplasty, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure indicated for minor cosmetic dental issues. It offers a convenient and easy fix if you want changes to the shape, length, or overall look of your tooth.

This is a conservative and low-cost alternative to other cosmetic dentistry treatments that require significant tooth reduction or alteration. So, if applicable, your dentist may recommend teeth contouring instead of getting veneers or crowns. This saves you money and brings you the smile results and confidence boost you want!

What is the procedure for teeth contouring?

Teeth contouring involves three simple procedures:

Smile assessment

The first step is to examine your smile and teeth thoroughly. This part of the treatment will require a dental X-ray and a complete dental examination to determine the health of your teeth. Ideally, teeth contouring should only be done for teeth with a thick enamel layer. The enamel is the outermost portion of the tooth, where reshaping should be limited.

If you have thin or weak enamel, your dentist may recommend getting veneers instead to prevent teeth sensitivity. Poor oral hygiene resulting in gum disease must also be considered before treatment to ensure optimal results.

Smile design

The next goal of treatment is to understand your expectations and to create a smile mock-up according to this. This is important, especially if there are several teeth to be reshaped.

Smile design helps your dentist visualize which areas to modify to achieve your desired outcome. Also, it provides a general picture of how your future smile will look like.

Teeth contouring

The last step is the procedure itself which involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel. These problem areas are reshaped using a fine diamond bur or sanding disc to minimize teeth imperfections. Long teeth will be shortened, uneven teeth will be tweaked to look more proportional to your smile, and chipping cracks will be contoured to look as natural as possible.

Teeth reshaping may also fix small and targeted tooth discolorations, such as fluorosis or white spot lesions. Reshaping is a simple and fast treatment.

If necessary, dental bonding may also be done. This is recommended for gaps between the teeth or a large chip on the tooth.

Using layers of tooth-colored resin, the same material used for dental fillings, your dentist will mold your tooth to look more natural and symmetrical. This is hardened using a curing light to match the appearance of the rest of your teeth. Finally, a polishing disc is used to remove surface irregularities and achieve a more lifelike finish.

What are the benefits of teeth contouring?

Tooth contouring is more than just a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Some improvements after treatment include:

  • More proportioned smile
  • Brighter teeth
  • Better teeth alignment
  • Contoured ans reshaped teeth
  • Healthier bite
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced oral health

Cosmetic Dentistry at Cosmedicadental

Give yourself the best gift with a customized smile that fits you, your features, and your personality the best. Cosmedicadental offers a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures to achieve just that. Aside from teeth contouring, our smile makeover procedures include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and implants.

Book an appointment with our team today for your smile consult and let us get you on your way to achieving your picture-perfect smile.

Teeth Contouring – FAQs 

With a good treatment plan and proper execution, teeth contouring should be harmless and painless. However, if the modifications to the tooth are made past the enamel, you may experience some adverse effects, such as tooth sensitivity. This is why it is important to have a proper assessment with your dentist to prevent future problems.

The duration depends on how many teeth needs modification. Ideally, one tooth to be reshaped needs a little over 30 minutes to complete. Your dentist will discuss this before treatment so you can better understand what to expect. 

Cosmedicadental is home to affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures, with teeth reshaping costing around $50. However, this will still depend on the process to be done. Contact our team for a better estimate of the cost of your treatment. 

Aftercare is essential to maintain the results of your treatment. Establish an excellent oral hygiene routine to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. Visit your dentist twice a year so they can check for budding concerns.

A proper diagnostic test should be carried out before the procedure is done. This will help our dentist determine if teeth contouring is the best treatment for you. Book an appointment today to schedule your initial smile assessment. After a thorough dental examination, our cosmetic dentist will design an ideal treatment to give you your best smile.