Reasons for having dental implants abroad    

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Dental implants are a practical and common solution for replacing missing tooth roots. Implanted in the jawbone, they allow a crown, bridge or dental prostheses to be fitted.

In the US or UK, the price of an implant varies between 1500 and 2500 euros for a single tooth. Many people therefore head to dental clinics abroad to carry out this implant installation at a low cost price.

Why get a dental implant?

The causes

There are multiple causes of dental implantation treatment.

First of all, tooth loss impacts the aesthetic appearance of the smile, which can create complexes for the patient. The placement of the implant allows the installation of removable or fixed dental prostheses in order to replace the missing tooth(s). In addition, the absence of teeth impairs chewing, which can lead to numerous digestive disorders in patients as well as malabsorption of nutrients.

The absence of certain teeth also has an impact on the patient’s speech and can create joint and muscular problems. Finally, the loss of a tooth has an impact on the entire mouth and can lead to loosening and the loss of other teeth. The objectives of installing a dental implant are therefore multiple and make it possible to improve the patient’s quality of life.

The course

The placement of implants can be done at the same time as the extraction of the teeth, but depending on the situation of each patient, it is sometimes advisable to wait up to two months after the extraction so that the bone can heal. . An x-ray is taken by the dental surgeon to check the bone structure. The installation is carried out under local anesthesia.

The gum is incised in order to perforate the bone which will accommodate the implant. Once the latter is placed, the gum is sutured. In total, this dental work lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.

Post-operative follow-up

After placement, you should wait at least 3 months for the bone to heal and the implant to integrate into the surrounding tissues. After this period, the surgeon places a pillar on which the bridge or crown will be placed. If the jaw bone is too small or not strong enough, then it is possible to attach smaller implants or perform a bone graft.

Why do patients have their dental implants abroad?

The price

In the UK, a zircon crown on a dental implant prices, on average, at 2.300 euros. Added to this are the costs relating to medications and post-operative follow-up. Therefore, many patients choose to have their dental care done abroad in order to have their implant placed at a lower cost.

Especially since Social Security does not cover this intervention. Only the crown is subject to reimbursement by Social Security, up to 84 euros.


Some countries specialize in dental surgery. The clinics are equipped with the latest generation equipment and have doctors specializing in dental treatment.

This dental tourism therefore allows foreign patients wishing to carry out their dental care to go to a country where the care is less expensive and carried out by specialists.

This is the case, for example, of Hungary, Spain or better yet, Turkey. In Turkey most clinics have very experienced dentists with sometimes more than 20 years of experience.

Why do most international patients travel to Turkey?

Many patients head to Turkey to have their implant placed. Indeed, the country has been able to specialize in aesthetic high quality operations. The skills of Turkish dentists are recognized worldwide and they are references in their specialty.

They also have cutting-edge equipment and the cost of the operation remains lower than in other European countries. In addition, the stay on site is generally very pleasant and organized by the clinics themselves.

Place an implant in the Cosmedica Dental clinic

Why choose this clinic?

Cosmedica dental clinic is one of the most renowned in Turkey for dental treatments. It has state-of-the-art equipment for installing dental implants and involves the greatest specialists in dental medicine.

The dental clinic in Turkey organizes all-inclusive stays by taking care of patients’ on-site travel, accommodation and providing them with a translator to facilitate their stay.

What packages are offered at the Cosmedica Dental Clinic for dental implants?

There are different packages offered by the Cosmedica Dental Clinic which depends on the needs of each patient. Placing an implant with a crown costs around 1,000 euros. The price for placing crowns on the entire upper or lower jaw is 4,000 euros (14 crowns). Finally, the price of installing permanent dentures (24 crowns) costs 7,500 euros.

These packages include:

  • complete treatment plan,
  • the zircon crown(s),
  • VIP transfers (airport, hotel, clinic),
  • 5-star hotel,
  • dental examination and consultations,
  • panoramic x-ray,
  • translator,
  • medications, post-operative monitoring and support.

Dental implant placement is a procedure in high demand in specialized dental clinics abroad. These procedures, very expensive in France and very poorly reimbursed, push patients to go to specialized clinics such as the Cosmedica dental clinic in Turkey.

The latter offers them all-inclusive packages (accommodation, translator, medication, post-operative care, etc.) which allow patients to have a dental implant installed and have their teeth treated in a modern clinic, by specialists and at a lower cost.

FAQs - Dental implants abroad

What makes Turkish dental clinics so popular?

There are several reasons why patients choose to have their dental implant installed in Türkiye:

  • The cost
  • High standards of quality of care and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Competent staff
  • Modern facilities
  • Geographic accessibility of the country
  • The combination of dental care and tourism
  • Complete packages offered by dental clinics
Turkish dental clinics offer several types of care. Each time, these packages generally include accommodation, preliminary examinations, surgery and post-operative procedures. The most requested treatments are generally dental veneers, implants, tooth whitening and finally Invisalign treatments.