Your Ultimate Guide to Dental Tourism in Turkey

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Looking for high-quality dental services at an affordable cost has never been this easy with dental tourism in Turkey!

Over the years, clinics in Turkey have flourished to become some of the top destinations for budget-friendly dentistry at global standards. With expertly trained and skilled dentists, state-of-the-art facilities, and top-notch hospitality and care, Turkey has proudly served and satisfied a plethora of dental tourists across the globe.

With this short guide, let us give you a closer look at how dental tourism in Turkey works. And why booking with Cosmedicadental is the best choice for leisure and dental care in Turkey.

Cost of Dental Treatments in Turkey

It is no secret that getting your teeth done can be quite expensive. Several factors come into play, such as professional dentist fees, manpower, and overhead costs, including rent and laboratory.

Why is Turkey a popular dental tourism destination? Why is Turkey so cheap when it comes to dentistry? Turkey offers fees at a lower cost for dentists and clinics. This is why we can provide dental work in Turkey at a more affordable rate!

To give you an idea, here’s what some first-class dental treatments in the world cost vs when done in Turkey at Cosmedicadental. Our package also includes travel and stay, which makes your dental holiday even better!

Clear aligners

  • US: up to €7000
  • UK: up to €5600
  • Cosmedica Dental: €3200

Single implant + crown

  • US: €3000 – €5000
  • UK: €3000
  • Cosmedica Dental: €1600

Hollywood smile makeover (using 10 units Emax crowns)

  • US: up to €8000
  • UK: starts at €5000
  • Cosmedica Dental: €3990

Despite the lower rates compared to other countries, we do not settle for less when it comes to providing excellence in dental care for our patients.

At the Cosmedicadental Clinic, we are certified with global safety standards and quality cosmetic dentistry. Our patients can be sure that we only deliver the best.

The 5-Step Guide for Dental Tourism in Cosmedica Dental

Cosmedicadental is a leading-edge dental clinic in Turkey. We boast of unparalleled dental care and experience that has hosted many local and international patients, giving them a healthier and brighter smile.

Here’s a quick 5-step guide on how we achieve a one-of-kind Turkish dental experience at Cosmedicadental for our foreign patients:

1. Setting up your appointment

The first step is to book your online consult appointment with our team, and this is as easy and straightforward as can be. Just head to our consult page on our website, type in your details and concerns, and wait for our response! One of our friendly staff will get in touch with you with information on your online call with our dentist.

2. Online consultation

Even if we are miles apart, technology has made it easier for us to reach you while you are in the comfort of your home. During your online consultation, our dentist will get to know more about you and your dental concerns. We will also ask you to send photos of your teeth and mouth, along with diagnostic materials such as casts, X-rays, and dental records if available. These tools can help us with aligning your dental treatment and providing you with better care.

3. Personalizing your treatment plan

Once all important treatment information is gathered, the next goal is to personalize your treatment plan. We will assess all data and arrange your plan of care according to your smile goals. Depending on how complex your case is and how many dental procedures are necessary to achieve your dream smile, formulating a tailored treatment plan can take a few hours to 2 days. This is discussed with you before we proceed with the next step, which is to book your visit to Turkey.

4. Travelling to Turkey

After you have approved the treatment plan, then we can arrange your flight and accommodation to Turkey. To make it easier for you, we have treatment packages including transfers and a 5-star hotel stay. As soon as you arrive, our genuine team will greet you with all smiles, ready to provide you with the dental care you deserve.

5. Getting your new smile

VIP transfers to and from your accommodation to the clinic are included in your dental tourism package. And once in the clinic, we have translators and a support team who will assist you. Other dental needs, such as X-rays and medications, are also provided. In just a few days, you will look and feel better with your smile makeover with our team at Cosmedica Dental!

Because of how seamless and convenient everything is, we are proud to say that many of our patients are incredibly satisfied with our dental trip. You and your family can also experience this, and it all starts with a quick and easy consultation request!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to stay in Turkey to get your teeth done?

Your stay in Turkey depends on the dental treatment/s to be completed. For scale, dental implants will need up to 3 days with two visits each to Istanbul. Meanwhile, smile makeovers will take just one visit and a 5-day stay. Our team will discuss these with you beforehand so you can schedule your stay accordingly.

Do Turkish dentists speak English?

Some Turkish dentists are well-versed in English. But we have translators on standby during your treatments to assist you and the rest of the dental team.

How do I choose a dentist in Turkey?

While there are many dental tourism packages in Turkey, certain factors make Cosmedica Dental stand out among the rest. This includes our pre-treatment support team, pocket-friendly and tailored packages, post-op check-ups, and an aftercare program. These rounds up your entire treatment – from the beginning of your consultation to months after your treatment with us.

Why Cosmedica Dental?

Our ultimate goal is to make you smile. So, we have built our company to make dental tourism in Turkey truly a remarkable and rewarding experience.

If you have any concerns about our offers and packages, contact us today, and we will gladly assist you.