Dental treatment prices in Turkey 

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The prices for complex dental treatments are usually very high, especially in German-speaking countries. Many people are looking for an affordable alternative and find this in Turkey, which offers affordable treatments at a high level. Hundreds of thousands of patients visit the country every year for professional dental treatment by specialized doctors. The following overview provides information about the various prices for dental treatments in Turkey and in the Cosmedica Dental dental clinic.

Reasons for the lower prices in Turkey

Over the last few years, Turkey has developed into a highly specialized country and one of the central locations for medical tourism as well as dental tourism. The far lower prices, not least for dental treatments, have several reasons.

Above all, the cost of living is significantly lower compared to German-speaking countries. The same applies to rent prices and salaries in the country. The generally low costs are also noticeable in the form of significantly lower material costs, which means that treatments in Turkey can be offered so cheaply.

Dentists can offer their services more cheaply than is the case in many other countries. Prices are often up to 70 percent lower, which means that many patients visit a dental clinic in Turkey.

Costs for treatments in Turkey compared

The prices for dental treatments in Turkey are generally based on the specific treatment plan. The amounts are particularly cheap compared to other countries, especially for complex and generally known to be cost-intensive treatments. Cosmedica Dental offers detailed advice and provides a free cost estimate for all dental treatments.

To be able to give reliable price information for individual treatments, the individual situation must always be considered. However, the amounts are usually at least half to two thirds lower than those in German-speaking countries. For better understanding and easier handling, the prices are generally not given in Turkish lira, but in euros.

Comparison of dental prices with other countries

Dental Implants

  • Turkey: A single dental implant costs between €350 and €1350.
  • Europe: Costs range from €2000 to €3500 per implant.
  • UK: Prices vary from £2500 to £6500 per implant.
  • United States: Costs range from $2500 to $6000 per implant.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

  • Turkey: Price ranges from €2500 to €3500.
  • Europe: Costs vary from €6000 to €20000.
  • UK: Prices range from £10000 to £30000.
  • USA: Costs range from $15000 to $30000 per jaw.

Dental crowns

  • Turkey: The cost of a dental crown ranges from €250 to €500 per tooth .
  • Europe: Prices vary widely, often between €500 and €3000 per tooth.
  • UK: Costs can range from £400 to £1200 per tooth.
  • USA: Prices range from $800 to $3000 per tooth.


  • Turkey: The cost of porcelain veneers ranges from €200 to €500 per tooth.
  • Europe: Prices vary from €800 to €2000 per tooth.
  • UK: Prices range from £500 to £1500 per tooth.
  • USA: Costs range from $1000 to $2500 per tooth.

Teeth whitening

  • Turkey: The cost of teeth whitening is approximately €200 to €440 per session .
  • Europe: Prices range from €300 to €800 per session.
  • UK: Costs can vary from £300 to £1000 per session.
  • USA: Prices range from $500 to $1500 per session.

Dental treatment costs in Turkey are considerably lower than in the US and many European countries. This is mainly due to the lower cost of living and operations as well as government incentives for medical tourism in Turkey. Patients can save 50-70% on treatments such as implants, veneers and teeth whitening in Turkey compared to the US and Europe. But even if the prices are much lower, the dentists in Turkey are often way more qualified than in other countries.

The all-inclusive packages from Cosmedica Dental

The Cosmedica Dental dental clinic in Turkey stands for professional dental treatments by experienced doctors at the highest level. It also offers various transparent and clear all-inclusive packages that show all services in detail. The low Turkey prices include not only the treatment, medication and aftercare, but also the stay in Turkey, the hotel and the transfer from the airport to the hotel.

The following prices for implants and veneers always include the following services in addition to the dental materials mentioned:

  • VIP transfer to the airport, hotel and Cosmedica Dental dental clinic
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Examination by a dentist and associated advice
  • Panoramic X-rays
  • Translator
  • Medication
  • Follow-up

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. They are usually made of titanium or zirconium oxide, both of which are biocompatible materials that are well tolerated by the body. A dental implant serves as a stable base for attaching crowns, bridges or dentures and represents a permanent solution for tooth replacement.

  • Patients pay 800 euros for a single implant and an associated zirconium crown. Each additional implant costs 500 euros.
  • Four implants as part of the All-on-4-Single-Jaw cost 3200 euros. Each additional implant also costs 500 euros.
  • A full mouth implant with 12 individual implants costs 6000 euros. Additional implants cost 500 euros each.

Dental veneers

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells made of ceramic or composite that are applied to the front of teeth to improve their appearance. They are often used to correct aesthetic problems such as discolored, chipped, uneven, or slightly crooked teeth.

  • Six Emax Veneers cost 2550 euros, each additional veneer costs 290 euros.
  • The price for 12 veneers is 3900 euros, another veneer costs 290 euros.
  • For 18 veneers, the cost is 5200 euros, plus 290 euros for an extra veneer.

Dental Spa

Dental Spa is an option that can be booked in addition to the treatments mentioned, but also individually if required. The package includes a detailed tartar removal and teeth whitening (bleaching). Since whitening can only be calculated individually, detailed advice is a matter of course.

Other treatments at Cosmedica Dental in Istanbul

Cosmedica Dental, the Turkish dental clinic in Istanbul, offers a wide range of dental procedures. In addition to veneers and dental implants, their range of services includes:

  • Lumineers: Similar to veneers, but thinner and often applicable without grinding away the enamel.
  • Invisalign: An invisible brace to correct misaligned teeth, ideal for adults and teenagers looking for an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces.
  • Teeth whitening (bleaching): Professional teeth whitening to remove discoloration and lighten the shade of teeth to achieve a radiant smile.
  • Dental crowns: Fabrication and placement of dental crowns that restore and protect damaged or heavily filled teeth.
  • Root canal treatments: Treatment of inflamed or infected tooth roots to save the tooth and relieve pain.
  • Complete restorations: Comprehensive restorations of the entire dentition, including all necessary restorative and aesthetic treatments.
  • Hollywood Smile Makeover: A combined cosmetic treatment program that includes several procedures to achieve a perfect smile, often including veneers, crowns, and whitening.

Reasons why international patients are satisfied with Cosmedica Dental

Patients benefit from the highly modern and high-quality dental treatments at an affordable price. The sustainability of the results and the comprehensive care are particularly valued.

The same applies to the very good price-performance ratio, which means that prices in Turkey can be offered so cheaply. The clinic’s doctors offer many years of experience, a high quality of dental services and are always up to date. All of the treatments mentioned are carried out using advances technology in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental implants in Turkey are just as popular as high-quality veneers, lumineers, invisalign or tooth whitening. The hygienic conditions are first-class, as is the expertise of the doctors. The professional competence meets internationally recognized standards and leads to trust in the treatment among patients from home and abroad.