E-max veneers in Turkey    

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Cosmedica Dental specializes in quick treatment procedures and uses the latest technology for a perfect and natural result. With E-max veneers in Turkey, you can achieve a radiant Hollywood smile with a high-quality all-ceramic system.

Dental treatment abroad continues to be a trend. In Turkey in particular, there are first-class dental clinics that offer treatments at significantly lower prices without having to forego high quality.

For the use of dental veneers, a comprehensive service is offered by experienced specialists who ensure an excellent price-performance ratio.

What are E-max veneers?

Crooked, broken or badly discolored teeth do not look very nice. Treatment with dentures is particularly worthwhile in the visible area in order to aesthetically enhance the teeth again.

Dental veneers from the E-max brand are used here, which consist of a thin layer of pressed ceramic and are glued to the front of the teeth to improve the aesthetic appearance. They consist of high-quality monolithic lithium disilicate and are manufactured using the CAD CAM milling system.

The cosmetic procedure requires an experienced dentist to achieve a beautiful and natural result. Since the emax veneers are thin, the porcelain ceramic shell is adapted to the desired tooth color and does not differ from the natural tooth. To do this, a very thin layer of tooth substance is removed in order to attach the veneers.

The Max crowns consist of a single ceramic block that is cut to the patient’s tooth size. Emax crowns are among the best products in aesthetic dentistry and contain no metal.

The before and after effect shows a significant improvement in the front row of teeth, while the areas of a damaged tooth can be completely hidden.

What are the benefits of E max veneers?

Compared to dental crowns, which are placed on the entire tooth and require the grinding of a lot of tooth structure, veneers only cover part of the teeth, meaning significantly less tooth structure is lost.

At the same time, they allow covering almost all cosmetic defects. The ceramic material has a high level of light transmission and thus achieves a very natural dental result. Veneers are therefore particularly useful for the incisors, as they guarantee the natural effect and are less invasive.

The ceramic is metal-free and hypoallergenic, requiring only minimal preparation, which also does not damage the tooth structure. The E-max veneers ensure a smooth and aesthetically pleasing tooth structure, minimize tooth sensitivity and can be individually adjusted in color. Thanks to the high-quality material made of lithium disilicate and glass ceramic, they prevent the formation of tartar and completely close gaps between teeth.

You can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of dental veneers in the blog “Veneers: Pros and Cons“. 

When are E-max veneers used?

The very thin veneers are indistinguishable from natural teeth and achieve an excellent aesthetic result. They are suitable for broken, cracked and discolored teeth, are useful for crooked teeth and gaps in teeth and enable the adjustment of various misaligned teeth.

As a ceramic layer, they can change and adjust the color, shape and size of the teeth. They are used when the protective layer of the tooth has defects, when the tooth is worn out or needs to be aesthetically corrected.

What are the experiences with E-max veneers?

The use of E-max dental veneers is one of the preferred treatment methods today and is also in demand among celebrities in Hollywood. The natural result of the procedure is particularly effective in the area of the front teeth. The patients’ experiences are consistently positive, especially when the treatment in Turkey is significantly cheaper and at the same time takes place at a very high level.

Patients are enthusiastic about the long shelf life, which is a maximum of 7 to 15 years with good care and hygiene. The condition of the teeth can be significantly improved with Emax to achieve an aesthetic and natural appearance.

Still some patients say that the tooth preparation of ceramic veneers and the wearing of the temporary veneer can be unpleasant.

Why should Emax veneers be made in Turkey?

Turkey offers some first-class dental clinics with state-of-the-art technology and excellently trained dentists and highly qualified staff. Dental treatment is significantly cheaper there than in Germany, on the one hand due to the low wage levels and the low material and surgical costs and on the other hand due to the lower taxes and fixed costs. Accordingly, patients receive the same high standard of treatment, but can access cheaper offers.

The Cosmedica Dental dental clinic in Turkey is one of the most renowned clinics in Istanbul, with 10 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. The dentists working there have first-class training in modern dentistry and are familiar with all complex restorative procedures. The dentists specialize in the E-max technique and work with a tooth-friendly treatment method. Patients benefit from the highest level of quality, hygiene and safety and enjoy comprehensive service and professional advice on care and aftercare.

What are the packages for E-max veneers at Cosmedica Dental?

Cosmedica Dental offers cosmetic treatment with dental veneers in the form of an individually tailored offer for the patient. On the clinic’s website, patients can make a free online consultation appointment to draw up an individual treatment plan.

E-max crowns are often more expensive than zirconium crowns because they are more demanding to produce. However, these dental crowns are more aesthetically pleasing than zirconium dental crowns or porcelain veneers.

The condition of the teeth, the medical history and the cosmetic defects that require correction are decisive for the treatment and the offer.

You can request a treatment and cost plan online, tailor the treatment to your own needs or combine several procedures. Aside from veneers we offer teeth whitening, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Contact us for comprehensive advice.