Transparent Teeth – What Do They Mean?

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Your teeth should be a naturally opaque white or yellowish colour. However, you may notice that the edges of your teeth look a little lighter. They may even look slightly transparent. This is a feature that helps the smile look more natural.

But, a problem for other people is that instead of only the edges looking a bit transparent or translucent, it becomes visible for most of the tooth surface. This is where it becomes a concern.

Read on to learn more about transparent teeth and how your dentist at Cosmedica Dental can help treat them.

What causes transparent teeth?

Translucent teeth indicate weak or lost enamel.

The enamel is the strongest substance in the body. This coats the tooth surface and protects your teeth from bacteria and decay. It is also so resilient that it can withstand heavy biting and daily chewing.

However, even though enamel is a tough substance, several reasons may cause it to break down. This results in enamel loss or enamel erosion, causing the teeth to become transparent.

Transparent teeth are one of the signs of enamel erosion, and this can be caused by:

Acidic foods and drinks

One of the worst enemies of your tooth enamel is acid. Acid rapidly breaks down the tooth enamel, speeding up enamel erosion and leading to transparent teeth. So, if you are fond of coffee, tea, sodas, or citrus, you may be more vulnerable to translucent teeth as these have high acidic content and will cause acid erosion.

Acid reflux

Aside from acidic foods and beverages, stomach acid may also worsen the condition of your teeth. If you suffer from acid reflux or reflux disease, stomach acid regurgitates up to the mouth to affect your teeth. This is incredibly harmful because the pH of stomach acid is at a critically low 1.5, and enamel wears at 4.5.

Frequent vomiting

If you are suffering from alcoholism or bulimia or are pregnant and dealing with morning sickness, the acid from vomiting may also cause enamel erosion.

Genetic condition

Meanwhile, some people simply do not have enough enamel content on their teeth. In enamel hypoplasia, the enamel did not mineralize to harden and protect the teeth. This results in a very thin enamel coating, making it look like they have transparent teeth.

Celiac disease

This is an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your tissues at the intake of gluten. Because of this, people with celiac disease are unable to take in the proper nutrients. A common sign of this disease is transparent or discoloured teeth.

How to treat transparent teeth?

Thin and transparent teeth need urgent treatment to prevent complications such as significant tooth damage and discolouration.

Depending on the extent of the enamel loss, our dentist at Cosmedica Dental may recommend one of the following:

Tooth bonding

This is a simple procedure involving the use of composite resin material. Composite is layered over the area of concern and is hardened to help with structural and aesthetic restoration. Bonding is the ideal procedure for small to moderate enamel erosion.


Porcelain dental veneers are protective shells that effectively camouflage cosmetic concerns like translucent teeth. They look natural and feel lightweight, so you can be more comfortable showing off your pearly whites.


If a larger tooth structure is involved and the tooth is already fragile, investing in a dental crown is better. This is a stronger and more reliable treatment to fully revitalize the strength and function of your tooth.

Need a Smile Fix For Transparent Teeth?

If you have transparent teeth, schedule a visit with your dentist immediately. They will assess the concern, identify the cause, and provide the most suitable treatment to restore your smile and oral health.

The dentists at Cosmedica Dental are ready to help! Contact us and let us discuss your smile options. 🙂

FAQs – Translucent Teeth

No. There are several options to fix transparent teeth. But, they should be checked and treated as soon as possible to prevent further loss of enamel that may result in a more complicated treatment.

Unfortunately, transparent teeth cannot be reversed with just toothpaste. Your dentist must remove decay and reinforce the teeth with stronger material (veneers or crowns) to prevent further damage.