Travelling to Turkey from UK to get the teeth done? 

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Quality dental care doesn’t have to be expensive when you get your teeth done in Turkey. Quick and easy. Travelling to Turkey from UK is a great alternative for expensive treatments in the United Kingdom.

Are you planning dental treatment in Turkey? A correction of your teeth, dental crowns or even dental implants are necessary?

Whether it’s for a radiant appearance or your dental health, having teeth done in Turkey is a sensible alternative to expensive dental treatment in your home country. You don’t have to do without the most innovative methods and many years of experience!

Patients from all European countries and from all over the world appreciate treatments in Turkey. The services of Cosmedica Dental are used by international patients who value their dental health and perfect appearance and want to save money at the same time.

What speaks for a dental treatment in Turkey?

We are modern dental clinic in Turkey with the highest quality methods and materials. At Cosmedica Dental you also benefit from more than 10 years of experience and an optimal price-performance ratio.

Our dental clinic in Istanbul is equipped according to the latest standards and has strict hygiene regulations. The dentists have all completed a dental degree, additional training in dental cosmetic treatments and take part in national and international symposiums, so that they are very familiar with the state-of-the-art technologies in the industry.

What is included in the benefits?

Dental cosmetic treatments such as veneers or lumineers are among the most popular dental treatments in Turkey. Cosmedica Dental also carries out Invisalign treatments to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. Tooth whitening (bleaching) is also part of dental treatment in Turkey.

Of course, complete restorations of the teeth, root canal treatments, the use of high-quality porcelain crowns, or dental implants in the case of a tooth extraction are also carried out. And all this Turkey teeth treatments at an affordable price!

What are the advantages of dental treatment in Turkey?

Getting your teeth done in a dental centre in Turkey is usually quick and uncomplicated. Patients can make an online consultation in advance to find out everything in detail and to describe their problem. Individual treatment plans are then drawn up before the patient is visiting Turkey.

All patients enjoy the professional advice and services as well as the friendly service. The before and after result will surprise you! Above all, you benefit from the significantly lower treatment costs when having your teeth done in Turkey.

For a relatively low price, when travelling to Turkey from UK, you will be getting an all-inclusive packet with organized flights and accommodation as well as travel advice. 

Why are the treatment costs in Turkey so low?

This is due to the low wage level in Turkey. Despite rampant inflation as production increases, labor costs remain low. The average minimum wage in Turkey is around 450 euros per month. With these costs in Turkey you benefit as a patient!

Many Eastern European countries offer even lower treatment costs, but without having the modern standard of a dental clinic in Istanbul.

What will you save on a dental treatment in Turkey?

As a rule, a dental treatment in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper, sometimes even 80% cheaper than in the UK. There are enormous savings, especially when it comes to dentures! Dental clinics in Turkey offer free consultations and treatment plans without obligation.

The exact costs cannot be calculated as a lump sum, as it depends too much on the individual case, the complexity of the treatment and the materials actually used.

Let us advise you online or in person on site 

Travelling to Turkey offers many advantages

Combine dental or cosmetic dental treatment with a relaxing holiday in Turkey! Dental Cosmetic, based in Istanbul, Turkey, offers many advantages and an all-round service: an inspection service and a hotel transfer as well as prescription medication for aftercare.

Before or after your treatment, discover the vibrant metropolis of Istanbul with its many sights and excursions. You can reach Istanbul by plane from Germany in just under 3 hours.

Dental tourism in Istanbul

The Turkish metropolis is cosmopolitan and a vibrant bridge between East and West. In addition to healthy teeth and a gorgeous Hollywood smile to return with, you can delve deep into the Byzantine, Roman and Turkish culture of this metropolis and take these experiences with you.

Visit the famous Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque or experience a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus. Excursions lead to the Gallipoli peninsula or to the fascinating rocky landscape of Cappadocia.

Dental treatments in Turkey are worthwhile

Bring a gorgeous smile with sparkling white teeth from Turkey! You do not have to do without the usual service and professional treatment. On the contrary!

Cosmedica Dental in Istanbul offers outstanding service as well as the latest methods and the highest quality materials. Whether for veneer treatment, permanent and high-quality dental implants in Turkey or crowns, a professional team of doctors leaves nothing to be desired.

Maybe it should just be a thorough teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or dental treatment on vacation?

No problem! Cosmedica Dental makes your dream of healthy teeth and a radiant smile come true. Fast, uncomplicated and at an unbelievably low price.

Let us advise you in advance free of charge and without obligation in our foreign office or online! Asking doesn’t cost anything. Of course, an interpreter is also available to give a satisfactory answer to any question.